ZyncMatrix offers real-time, collaborative planning, execution, and debriefing C2 enabler.  It is an essential tool for enhanced agility and accuracy, for boosting information management, and for delivering insights, while offering the user a flexible and intuitive experience.

ZyncMatrix is a comprehensive self-aligning and self-resizing tool that functions in real time. It facilitates the process of systematizing and recording battle planning exercises with ease. Users create rows for teams and sub-teams and boxes for events and activities.



Workflow functionality:

  • Can be used at the strategic, operational, and/or tactical level

  • Added capability to identify mission assignments, lessons learned and assessments

  • Self-aligning and self-resizing capability while streamlining documentation and portion marking

  • Advances user efforts in a realistically achievable fashion through agile development

Operational use:

  • Airborne ISR & Space integration

  • Joint Land, Air, Maritime Synchronization Logistics planning

  • Personnel movement/roles

  • Aircraft (both commercial and military) 

  • Cargo shipping

  • Action items


The dynamic visualization feature enhances cross multi-domain collaboration maximizing shared awareness and coordination for joint planning process. 

  • Coordinating a response to an anticipated threat

  • Monitoring and/or re-tasking capabilities in real time

  • Providing indications and warning alerts to civil or commercial partners

  • Coordinating communications narratives with the need to simply and clearly communicate intent across military, civil and commercial systems, classifications, national security requirements

Current Key Features

  • Automated resizing and aligning

  • Standardization

  • Calendar based and freeform sync matrix templates

  • Multiple formatting options

  • Multiple portion marking

  • Ability to save and share text and geometry as raw text files 

  • Separation of text from geometry for easy scanning

  • Software not required for installation on the users machine

Further development will include:

  • Integration with UDL-based announcements and warnings synced to a timeline

  • Integration with a marking validation service that replaces manual portion marking

  • Integration with Space Situational Awareness tools (such as Zoic Labs’ SpECTRA) and other cross coalition document management tools (such as Zoic Labs’ DOMINO)

  • Integration with map/globe-based systems showing multiple domains from subsurface to orbital, synced to a timeline, showing animation of forces and resources (can also show real time data from UDL and simulation results)

  • VR/AR capabilities - Multiple people interacting with a massive virtual ZyncMatrix

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