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In partnership with CACI and the Air Force Research Lab, we developed a classification marketing tool, YAMT (Yet Another Marketing Tool). YAMT simplifies the time-consuming and highly error-prone process of banner marking and portion marking on internal government documents.

Yet Another Marketing Tool (YAMT)



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YAMT responds to the need for manual input of long and complicated strings of classification text into government documents that require classification. It can be utilized for whole documents as well as individual sections of documents. Furthermore, YAMT acknowledges that the rules and restrictions regarding classifications are complex, especially at the top secret level where there are many layers of compartmentalization. Few people fully possess the knowledge and expertise required to ensure their text complies fully with all security classifications. 


By guiding the user through a series of easily populated hierarchical dropdown menus, YAMT populates specific sections with all levels and program clearances. The writer of the document simply sets the specific parameters, which will then generate a string of information and narrow down the dissemination of information to very specific groups. Sample parameters include classification, classification authority, classification by reason, sources, classification start date, and declassify date. YAMT also allows users to specify specific countries where the information can be shared. YAMT then validates the response against the entire set of very complex overlapping classification regulations to ensure the marking is valid and appropriate. The final step is a request for validation prior to submission. 

YAMT works as a stand-alone product or can be fully integrated with Zoic Labs’ Sync Matrix program, which facilitates the process of systematizing and recording battle planning exercises with ease. Additionally, YAMT has the capability to tag documents with a classification to be used on intelligence community networks such as Phoenix Prime. 


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