SpECTRA was developed in partnership with Ball Aerospace. SpECTRA originated as an Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) prototype in conjunction with the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC). Further development by the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) supports the mission of the Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC).

Our Cognitive Core platform serves as the foundation for SpECTRA.

Spectrum Environment for Commander Tactical Response And Awareness (SpECTRA) is an electromagnetic spectrum management and visualization tool that provides users with varied and dynamic ways to study and understand interference reports, sensory data, tasking orders, and support requests


Zoic Labs’ data visualization platform Cognitive Core ingests, aggregates, and displays disparate datasets in a 3D rendered “game environment.” Cognitive Core is an agile, customizable visualization framework that can readily evolve with future data schemas and processes and includes VR and AR capabilities. For a 2016-2019 OTA contract with Ball Aerospace and Air Force Research Lab, called “Electromagnetic Spectrum Situation Awareness Operating Picture,” Zoic Labs built a COP using novel visualization approaches for better understanding by non-EM experts, making spectrum issues easier to understand.


The Cognitive Platform (including Petri Visualization) was utilized as the foundation. With SpECTRA, a user can select one or more data sources to compose a data set, and then use a visual composer to uniquely control the semantic fusion of data to build a composite EMS data set, and then view it using a variety of sophisticated visualization models. Multiple EMS views (Geophysical, Spectrum, Resources, Text) allow decision-makers to view data in interesting and personalized ways and features analytic tools and emitter information popups that highlight frequency usage, attenuation, bleed through, frequency conflicts, polarity, and other emitter features.


This prototype, named SpECTRA, transitioned from AFRL to SMC in 2019, with funding for accreditation to bring the tool onto the ops floor at the CSpOC. Currently, the Cognitive CoreTM platform is being used as the foundation for a tool named SpECTRA, used by the Combined Space Operation Center (CSpOC) and the Space and Missile Systems Command (SMC). SpECTRA allows Air Force analysts to track and manage electromagnetic spectrum data in less time and with less human error then their former manual methodologies.


  • Configurable data searches

  • 3D data display with multiple views

  • Graphable events in the frequency domain

  • Geospatial data display

  • Color enhancements for 4D data display 

  • Zoom feature to highlight “clusters” that represent data records 

  • Ability to overlay satellite images

Additional Touchpoints

  • Collaboration and workflow enhancements

  • Cognitive Core


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