Zoic Labs’ NOVA platform provides efficient ways to selectively view and interact with overhead persistent infrared (OPIR) data and extract information in support of the Missile Warning and Battlespace Awareness missions. 

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The human-machine interface is a critical component of the overall system effectiveness.  As backend and algorithmic technology progresses, so should that interface. NOVA will improve the operator decision and execution space, by providing a modern and intuitive user interface that enables operators and analysts to interactively view and analyze data. As a baseline, NOVA will provide the ability to view calibrated wideband frames synchronously with a customizable secondary display window. Slingshot will engineer and develop this scalable end-to-end application in a manner that optimizes computing performance and displays OPIR data/tracks without frame drops or data degradation.  This capability can greatly reduce the cognitive burden on the user, and in a scenario where numerous simultaneous tracks exist, a “cleaned up” view can substantially reduce the decision/response timeline.


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