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Cognitive Core


Additional Touchpoints

  • Interactive

  • Data Visualization and Aggregation

The Cognitive Core platform combines data from globally dispersed repositories into a central location. Cognitive Core then transforms the diverse data formats at the lowest common denominator and applies algorithms to rapidly process data into usable information. The information is disseminated with an emphasis on intuitive visual storytelling.

Our proprietary web-based data visualization platform ingests, aggregates, and displays massive disparate datasets in a 3D rendered immersive environment.


Cognitive Core offers a customizable visualization framework that can readily adapt and evolve with future data schemas and processes, including VR and AR capabilities. Cognitive Core excels in situational awareness and business intelligence. 


The Cognitive Core platform has been used to construct custom tools for such uses as:​

  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Maritime Ship Tracking

  • Clickstream Analytics

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum/Interference

  • Social Media

  • Inventory Management and Product Tracking

  • Crowd Sentiment

  • Biometrics



Cognitive Core redefines the ways analysts review and understand intelligence data by introducing innovative methodologies that break the historical mold and can save the analyst many hours typically spent sifting through data before actual analysis can begin. The implementation of the Cognitive Core platform creates a flexible set of tools that can be combined to provide different visualization solutions and inventory management.

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