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CRUED (Cognitive Reality Using Enterprise Data) was a research effort using our Cognitive Core visualization platform, aggregating and displaying structured geospatial clusters such as open source, social media, commercial, and private datasets in a 3D rendered virtual reality environment. The research would ultimately enable an analyst to interact with large data through visual interfaces. The objective of CRUED is to ultimately provide innovative visual storytelling, using advanced cognitive visualization and analysis, to decompose raw data into actionable intelligence.


CRUED tests and evaluates human interaction with a unique multidimensional data visualization environment and a variety of custom tailored user interfaces. CRUED consists of three unique visualizations, in what is called The Virtual Gym. The Response Gym implements reaction-based challenges and measures how effectively the user can improve coordination from an initial baseline test. ​The Navigation Gym features environmental movement-based challenges and measures how effectively the user can process environmental cues. The Cognition Gym challenges the user to solve needle-in-haystack problems using various interfaces. Overall, the combined response, navigation and cognitive skills work together to improve their overall performance.


For our research, we designed and created a predefined set of structured tests that were performed by the test user group. These tests were analogous to gym exercises and were designed to test response, navigation, and cognitive reasoning. The gyms were gamified to delight the test users and encourage them to repeat the gym to improve performance. To give the test users an extra incentive, real-time feedback was displayed during the exercise so the user could see if their overall ranking improved in real time. Our test subjects covered a wide age range, with varying levels of experience with VR, from no experience to expert. The test subjects were scored based on speed and accuracy, identifying anomalies, and measured biometric data during the tests. 

CRUED offers several other key features. It supports Anomaly Detection by allowing the user to evaluate known villages against a Vegetation Index for a baseline result.​ Maps and settings can be dialed in, and thresholds can be used to find and enhance spikes in areas of known population centers​. 


The Improved Visual Creation​ feature ensures that the user never has to complete any scripting. All adjustments are slider based, and the results should be instantly displayed. Ultimately, CRUED informs and educates users with its innovative visual storytelling, advanced cognitive visualization and analysis, and ability to decompose raw data into actionable intelligence. 

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