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  • Interactive

  • Data Visualization and Aggregation

DOMINO (Distributed Object Matrix for Information Network Operations) is a single source of truth for international collaboration of key CSpOC documents (CSTOs, MSPs, and SODs) with CANSpOC, AUSSpOC, and UKSpOC. 


A concise and intuitive system, DOMINO’s straightforward home page serves as a command center, where all current and action-approved versions of documents are displayed. Automatically updated, DOMINO ensures that a displayed version is the most current and that only the latest and correct updates and attachments are visible. 

This theater-facing tool offers capability solutions for external mission planning and maintenance scheduling systems. It displays and notifies users of asset conflicts, operational capability changes (OPSCAP), and unplanned changes. For outages, the solution needs to reflect the impact of the assets’ loss and show possible alternatives to mitigate the loss. 


Document management capabilities allow for multiple, trackable versions that specify which are approved versions or drafts.

  • Responsive to approvals and offers automatic acknowledgement of comments.

  • Document files can be earmarked for future use or labeled as expired.

  • Assessors are able to see all past documents and approval dates and times. 

  • Planners can view older versions of documents while prepping future ones. 

  • New active documents can be uploaded and approved, and operator views who can be tracked. 


Key features include: 

  • Versioning, storing, and managing approval of documents, attachments, search capabilities, notifications, and automatic acknowledgements

  • Sending files to different networks (going from low to high classification) 

  • Post launch features, include: support for subscriptions, automations, chats, comment threads, change logs, and a wider range of documents 

  • Storing of past documents for archivist and assessors

  • Managing the full life cycle of documents

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