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We develop fully immersive experiences. Whether a 360 video, transforming 3D projection mapped room, augmented reality, virtual reality, or 3D holograms, our extensive experience in the medium is born from Hollywood pedigree and our emphasis on high-end computer graphics for film, television, and gaming.


The opportunity to expand storytelling through technology is the foundation of Zoic Labs and is incorporated into all aspects of our design approach.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are visual experiences that simulate an immersive physical presence within a real or an imaginary world. Zoic has nearly a decade of experience in the VR/AR medium.


Transforming the digital journey, Zoic Labs is constantly evolving and rethinking what is possible. Our team of curious data scientists, engineers, and thought leaders are looking to solve answers within a technologically changing world while staying true to human behavior and the spirit of discovery.


We travel to distant lands, through the dimension of time, and into real-life simulated scenarios in our data-driven and immersive gameplay experiences. Our environment teams are well versed in creating photoreal CG and matte paintings that help bring characters and worlds to life and allow users to explore exciting new frontiers and deliver a compelling and interactive engagement.


Working in conjunction with Zoic Studios, we have over a decade of world-building experience with full CG environments, set extension, and virtual production. Our environment teams are well versed in creating photoreal CG and matte paintings taking simulation and virtual training to exciting new frontiers.

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