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Additional Touchpoints

  • Interactive

  • Data Visualization and Aggregation

Showroom, which creates a faster, more efficient production schedule.

Showroom is a virtualization and review tool that allows designers and stakeholders to engage with each other and garments in real time. It facilitates fluid conversation and the ability to share and react to virtual garments in a fully 3D environment. 

Showroom offers pre-visualization, production, and post-production 3D tools in a user-friendly and intuitive software experience. It allows designers, fashion merchandisers, and distributors to create and interact in real time without ever having to travel. The fluid exchange of ideas, adjustments, and fine-tuning happen in real time with Showroom, which creates a faster, more efficient production schedule.


Designers can showcase their digital samples over immersive, true-to-life backgrounds with environment-sensitive lighting while harnessing infinite control of camera views in their workspace. Showroom fast-forwards the ability of designers, brands, and marketers to present patterns, compare colorways, sketch annotations, and download snapshots for public sharing or merchandising. 


Collaboration is at the heart of Showroom. Project teams can compare notes with status for actionable feedback and invite guest comments with or without access to notes, all from secure, cloud-based web accounts. Showroom is self-contained: no additional software is required. For seamless workflow, custom plug-ins for CLO and Browzwear allow for direct uploads to Showroom, where Illustrator 2D patterns can also be shared. Most of all, Showroom supports mixing models of any 3D format in the same room.. 


  • High-definition rendering 

  • Lighting-sensitive environments 

  • Infinite X/Y/Z camera views 

  • Colorway comparisons 

  • Photo-real backgrounds 

  • Web-based collaboration 

  • 3D pinned comments 

  • Annotation 

  • Team management 

  • Guest sharing 

  • Secure assets and comments 

  • No software required 

  • Multiple file types in the same room 

  • Clo3D & Browzwear plugins 

  • Illustrator pattern support 

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