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Additional Touchpoints

  • Interactive Experiences

Zoic Labs takes whiteboard meetings to the next level with Tango, made for companies of all sizes needing a secure environment in which to collaborate. 


Tango can be installed on any Windows 10 device, including tablets, touchscreen devices, desktop PCs, and large presentation screens.


Security measures are a hallmark of Tango. It enables multiple classification settings, which admins can set for each new session. Developed in accordance with strict source code security requirements from government agencies, Tango provides a robust interface supporting RFID cards and user verification.


In this leap from traditional whiteboard sessions, the toolbar allows intuitive and dynamic writing and drawing on the screen using Microsoft’s InkPresenter API. Users have the choice of stylus or mouse, with pressure sensitivity, 48 default colors, a variety of background tones, and highlighter and eraser functions.

Tango brings a new paradigm for sharing ideas, projects, and presentations into the modern work and meeting space. 

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